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  Link   Fingerprint Scanning Tips # 1: how to achieve the best result if the fingerprint reader is operating under sunlight?
This video presentation demonstrates how to cover the sunlight when scanning your fingerprint, especially the outdoor fingerprint reader is exposing to sunlight on certain time of a day.
  Link   Fingerprint Scanning Tips # 2: what should you do when your hand is oily or dirty?
This video presentation demonstrates the cleaning procedure if your finger is oily or dirty?
  Link   Fingerprint Scanning Tips # 3: how to place and position your finger on the centre of fingerprint sensor?
This video presentation shows how to place your finger centrally on the fingerprint sensor to ensure the desire fingerprint image is captured for verification.
  Link   Fingerprint Scanning Tips # 4: How should you place the finger on the surface of fingerprint scanner?
This video presentation demonstrates the correct way of touching your finger on the surface of fingeprint sensor.
  Link   Fingerprint Scanning Tips # 5: what is the correct timing for three consecutive scanning of your fingerprint?
This video presentation demonstrates what you should do when you are required to scan your fingerprint three times during fingerprint registration process.
  Link   FingerTec TCMSv2 Software Overview Video
The 11-minute presentation video covers the usage and benefits of FingerTec's Access Control and Time & Attendance System. The video demostrates the key features of Time Control management System (TCMS).
  Link   FingerTec Documentary Video Ad - A Soaring Brand
A 10-minute video that presents the evolution of biometric technology and the use of Fingerprint as an authentication of human identity, as well as an introduction to FingerTec company and its products.
  Link   FingerTec Commercial Video Ad - A Ghost Story
This 30-second humorous video commercial exemplifies unethical activities occurring rampantly in offices around the world as "ghost activities".