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  Link   FingerTec Kadex Reader with Antipassback Feature
Implementation of antipassback access control using Kadex (Master) Reader and iKadex (Slave) Reader
  Link   Why FingerTec M2/R2 Fingerprint/RFID Card Reader reset Date & Time to Factory Default after not using for long time?
When powering-up M2/R2 reader after it has been powered down for long time, the date/time setting can be lost. The M2/R2 Reader date and time are reset to default.
  Link   Understand the concept and configuration of Time Zone setting for Access Control Reader
Setting up Time Zone and Tine Zone Group features on the FingerTec Access Control Reader can be quite confusing. Very often, the access control option is not implemented by most of the installation sites. It is simply because the configuration rules
  Link   FingerTec R2 Reader with Antipassback Feature
Once implemented, users who do not scan their fingerprint when entering premises, their fingerprint will not be accepted when existing. This feature works on both way.